Ausgewählte Übungsaufgaben zur englischen Sprache von Paukert & Holböck.
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   Songs for small kids
 song01.html  Join in the game
 song02.html  Hickory Dickory Dock
 song03.html  Arabella Miller
 song04.html  Old Macdonald
 song05.html  The farmer in the dell
 song06.html  Mary had a little lamb
 song07.html  When I hear the music
 song08.html  Twinkle, twinkle little star
 song09.html  Clap, clap your hands.
 song10.html  Wheels on the bus
 song11.html  Wishy, washy, washer woman.
 song12.html  Dancing rainbow colors
 songs4kids.pdf  Texts of the songs
   Pronunciation exercises
 alpha1.html  Alphabet (1)
 alpha2.html  Alphabet (2)
 vowel1.html  Vowels (1)
 vowel2.html  Vowels (2)
 vowel3.html  Vowels (3)
 vowel4.html  Vowels (4)
 conson1.html  Consonants (1)
 conson2.html  Consonants (2)
 conson3.html  Consonants (3)
 conson4.html  Consonants (4)
 conson5.html  Consonants (5)
   Easy exercises
 months.html  The months of the year
 zoo.html  At the zoo
 doctor.html  At the doctor's
 street.html  Our street
 downstairs.html  My house, downstairs
 upstairs.html  My house, upstairs
 family.html  My family
 breakfast.html  My breakfast
 cats.html  The cat's breakfast
 london.html  Sightseeing in London

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